About Us

We love fishing, and we love Darwin!

Fish Darwin offers awesome fishing on Darwin harbour on fast, custom-built spacious vessels. From 4 hour half-day fishing tours, full-day blue water fishing, and private charters for your family or group, you’ll experience rod-bending action and will not be disappointed.

Our aim is to leave guests with an exceptional “real fishing” experience and memories to take home, in comfort and safety.

A fishing tour sail on Darwin harbour is a must for every visitor to Darwin – apart from the chance to snag a snapper, a jewfish, or even an elusive barra, it’s a great opportunity to get out on the briny blue, turn your phone off, and just enjoy the feeling of freedom being on the water brings.

Our crew are all skilled and experienced skippers and fishers, and will be happy to help with anything and answer any questions you have.

About Darwin

Darwin, in Australia’s tropical north, is the capital city of the Northern Territory and gateway to stunning “big nature” experiences – Litchfield National Park with it’s crystal clear rock pools, cascades, and thundering waterfalls is just over an hour’s drive, Kakadu World Heritage area – amazing country, rock art, Aboriginal culture, and some of the best scenery in the world is just over 2 hours drive. And of course Darwin harbour, twice as big as Sydney harbour, fancy drifting across its watery reaches while the sun slips into the sea as a palette of unimaginable colours unfolds itself across the horizon… Darwin sunsets are truly something to behold. As locals, we feel blessed everyday to have these treasures on our doorstep.

Weather-wise, the temperature rarely gets below 15 and never gets above 35. We have approximately 12 hours of sunlight every day, and we have a wet season (from about November – March) and a dry season (from about April – October).  Not unsurprisingly, it rains in the wet and it doesn’t in the dry!

You really should come visit in the wet season, most locals will tell you it’s their favourite time of year. Don’t be put off by the thought of rain – our rain is warm, welcome, sweet, clean and nothing like the cold southern rains.And it doesn’t rain all day. Mostly we get afternoon storms and overnight showers, but not every day, and not all day.  Everything becomes lush and green overnight, the storms are sensational, the waterfalls are roaring, the fish are jumping, and the rivers are high. Sure it’s hot, but would you rather hot, or winter? (and anyway, there’s always aircond or a pool to cool off  in).