Awesome, the best fishing charter experience

5.0 rating
March 18, 2019

Had a fantastic day on the water with these guys. Caught heaps of fish and had so much fun with the the skipper and crew. This is the boat to be on for a great days fishing! Thanks Andrew and Dave!


Great day on the harbour!

5.0 rating
March 12, 2019

Had a great day on the harbour with Dave and crew, very relaxing and beautiful. It was my first time fishing, so you can imagine my excitement when I hooked my first ever fish, a red snapper which tasted delicious! Highly recommend this tour.


Fantastic fishing and fantastic fun!

5.0 rating
March 9, 2019

Thanks to the Fish Darwin team for taking us out on a memorable day fishing. Someone told us Darwin harbour is fished out – not true! Our tour landed a dozen or more decent fish. A really great day, thinking of booking in again next time we;re up.

Jeeve and Sharon

We love fishing, and we love Darwin!

Fish Darwin offers awesome fishing on Darwin harbour on fast, custom-built spacious vessels. From 4 hour half-day fishing tours, full-day blue water fishing, and private charters for your family or group, you’ll experience rod-bending action and will not be disappointed.

Our aim is to leave guests with an exceptional “real fishing” experience and memories to take home, in comfort and safety.

A fishing tour on Darwin harbour is a must for every visitor to Darwin – apart from the chance to snag a snapper, a jewfish, or even an elusive barra, it’s a great opportunity to get out on the briny blue, turn your phone off, and just enjoy the feeling of freedom being on the water brings.

Our crew are all skilled and experienced skippers and fishers, and will be happy to help with anything and answer any questions you have.

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Target Fish Species

Fish Species Habitat Prime Time Weight
Black Jewfish Reefs, wrecks Dec – Jan 8 – 30 kgs
Blue Salmon / Blue Threadfin Bays, estuaries, river, beaches, creeks June – Aug 1 – 8 kgs
Cobia / Black Kingfish Reefs, rocks Year round 5 – 50 + kgs
Cod & Groper Estuaries, reefs, wrecks Year round 200 kgs +
Coral Trout Reefs, wrecks Year round 8 kgs
Giant Trevally / Turrum Estuaries, reefs Year round 40 kgs +
Golden Snapper Creeks, estuaries, reefs Year round 8 kgs
Golden Trevally Reefs, rocks Year round 4 – 8 kgs
Longtail Tuna Offshore, estuaries Dry season 15 kgs
Mangrove Jack / Red Bream Mangrove creeks, rivers, estuaries Year round 1.5 – 10 kgs
Pikey bream Estuaries, shallow creeks Dry Season 1 kgs
Queenfish Estuaries, rocks, reefs Year round 7 – 14 kgs
Red Emperor Offshore, estuaries Year round 8 kgs
Saddle-tail Snapper Reefs Year round 10 kgs
Saratoga Freshwater rivers, creeks, billabongs Year round 1 – 7 kgs
Spanish Mackerel Offshore reefs Year round 12 – 35 kgs
Threadfin Salmon / King Salmon Shallow rivers, estuaries Nov – March 8 – 15 kgs
Tricky Snapper Offshore reefs Year round 6 kgs